Scarlett is a new service designed to digitalise the reporting of the interventions; technicians, consultants and other professionals: anyone can take advantage of the platform, due to its highly customisable nature. It allows you to easily fill out the statements and to quickly plan your weekly activities.

It's the ideal tool for users on the move, and it's specifically designed to allow teams to work together.

Scarlett offers API interfaces to sync data with external sources, like ERPs and other software. By integrating it inside the company processes, it allows you to obtain the best out of the platform.

Highlighted features:

  • Plan and manage your next activities on the agenda, together with your team!
  • Create customizable reports of your interventions through different models.
  • Refer your activities to customers, destinations, contacts, items and projects and link all of them together.
  • Attach resources, images, videos and documents to your reports.
  • Your customers will be able to hand-sign your reports with their fingers and touch pens!
  • Automatically translate your reports in foreign languages, thanks to Scarlett AI Translate.
  • Search through your old activities to take advantage of your team's knowledge base.
  • After you created an activity, you can insert its report while offline!
  • ...and many more!
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