Luigi is the warehouse assistant that you need! It supports teams to smartly manage the typical warehouse operations: inventory, in&out flows and stock analysis. Your team will be able to work (even offline!) in collaborative mode, and you will always have everything under control.

Main features:

  • One tool to centralise all your main warehouse activities.
  • If the device supports it, it will be possible to scan the 1D&2D barcodes of your products instantly.
  • It supports alternative search codes, lots and serial numbers.
  • You can create custom scanning rules.
  • Multiple contemporary stocklists, for a more flexible management fo the inventory.
  • Full control on the in&out flows to/from your warehouse.
  • Set up your shipments in different packages, of which you can manage the external aspect and optional attachments.
  • Many minor support features, as the scan error checking, the quick change of warehouse/site, the serial number unicity, and many more.
  • You can work offline!

It offers API interfaces to synchronize data with external resources such as ERP softwares and other platforms and services.

Curious enough to discover more?

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