POInt&Go responds to the challenge of enriching data from the Play&Go experience with valuable information from external sources and social platforms in a new Data Value Chain designed for public administration officers and companies struggling to improve the quality of the experiences offered in their cities. How could they make smarter decisions for the future of public areas? How do they improve mobility or attractiveness? Which augmented experiences were more successful in the past or led to better results in other cities?

POInt&Go is a geolocated view showing Points of Interest from the augmented experiences. The Point (check-in) will be equipped with powerful indicators, such as aggregate ratings calculated by analysing users’ interactions and comments through sentiment analysis services in near real-time. Through POInt&Go, the target users can take actions related to an event or place directly in the app, obtain a new way to involve strategic partners, and enjoy a unified dashboard integrated with location technology platforms.

The project has been selected inside the REACH incubator program for the category "Social and Induced Perception of The Tourist Territorial Resources of a Destination".


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