Showcasing AIRP, the Resource Planner procured by the Scottish Government

Matteo Carbone

by Matteo Carbone

Yesterday, during the CivTech Demo Day event in Edinburgh (Scotland), we had the opportunity to present our latest innovation, AIRP - Resource Planner, a cutting-edge cloud service developed to help businesses and organizations, starting from the Scottish Government. Continue reading to know more about the event, the unique features and benefits of AIRP, and how we addressed the challenge set by the Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate for effective resource management in a constantly changing environment.

The glamorous Assembly Roxy, where the event was hosted.

CivTech is a "Scottish Government programme that brings people from the public, private and third sectors together to build things that make the world a better place". We started our journey within the program last January; since then, we rapidly developed a new solution guided by a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement in collaboration with our Challenge Sponsor from the Scottish Government. Roughly six months later, we finally had the chance to present the outcome of our efforts.

The event was attended by Richard Lochhead, MSP, Minister for Small Business, Trade, and Innovation, with whom we had the chance to showcase our product and share our vision.

Our Guido Mazza delivered an impressive presentation of our solution to the eyes of many other companies, government representatives and investors from all over the UK.

Guido explains the issues with current Resource Planning scenarios.

AIRP - Resource Planner is a powerful platform designed to support multi-skilled teams in solving complex resource planning challenges. Recognizing the limitations of manual and static resource planning processes, AIRP offers a dynamic and intuitive solution that adapts to evolving workloads, resources, and deadlines. By leveraging advanced technology, AIRP revolutionizes resource management by providing prompt what-if computations, flexible mapping of custom constraints, and actionable widgets and optimization strategies.

The demand for Advanced Planning Software is on the rise, with the market projected to reach $3 billion within the next five years. This surge encompasses various sectors, both private and public. With AIRP's innovative capabilities, we are well-positioned to seize this opportunity and introduce our solution to the UK market. Through our collaboration with the Scottish Government, we aim to showcase the benefits of AIRP, building trust and credibility while supporting new public sector organizations. Our goal is to establish long-term sustainability and enable efficient resource management across sectors.

Our stand at the event.

While leaving you with Richard Lochhead's words, stay tuned for future updates on AIRP's next steps!

“Today’s demonstrations will show how successful these ideas can be. This is exactly the kind of creative thinking we want to encourage through our National Innovation Strategy".