EU Datathon 2021: a new European opportunity

Our idea of an economy that works for people.

Some time ago, we came across a new European opportunity that aims to promote valuable initiatives worldwide. The intent? Exploit the enormous potential of open data made available by the European Union to design and implement solutions to support the international community.

The contest consists of a genuine competition that, over the years, has exalted talented teams and their ideas. The participants are inspired by contemporary topics: from youth unemployment to integration, from the circular economy to technology and smart cities.

Since our very first international project, Papaya, data and Europe have always been a combination that ignites our desire to act!

Hence, we started studying how we could mix our technology and expertise with open data to make a positive difference in the current worldwide scenario – knowing well how the pandemic highlighted many penalizing situations across different fields, areas and categories of people. We ourselves, through Papaya, have observed a drastic reduction in the number of international exchanges.

Again, data and Europe can play a decisive role in responding to the needs of an increasing number of users in the restart scenario towards which we are directing.

Our idea was ignited by two main engines: the desire to promote mobility and the will to support the search for new life-changing opportunities, especially where they are needed the most.

Following these motivations, we started outlining the distinctive features and look & feel of the future platform, trying to sum up our intentions in the competition's application procedure.

After a few weeks of waiting, here are the results we were waiting for.
ITER IDEA selected among the finalists of the EU Datathon 2021 competition.

We can't find the words to express our emotions. Still, you can guess how proud we are to see our proposal selected among the 96 overall initiatives from 33 countries, as reported in detail on the official website.

We at ITER IDEA are eager to start implementing the platform and share our thoughts and passion over the topics covered by the project. Further, we are optimistic about the effect it could have on many people in Europe and beyond, and we will work hard to make it happen.

Follow us for some updates and more details on our new European journey, in the name of the opportunities and technology we love so much. In the meantime, you know you can always share some feedback or new ideas with us: let's innovate together!