Scarlett: discover the artist within you

A new release of Scarlett, the service that helps you planning your activities and manage their reports!

Any tool you use, no matter how advanced and useful, always has that little something that you don't entirely like or that you wish to change somehow. When we work on improving Scarlett, we try to reduce that "something" to the tiniest portion we can, continuously adding easy-to-use configurations and smart functionalities.

This time, we focused our customisation efforts on a critical part of your work: the PDF report that recaps the content of your activity. It's the document that you give or send to your customers, so it has to be simple, clear, and – why not – nice to see!

Starting from this release,

you can fully personalise the PDF template of each model you create.

In the Model page, you can interact with a new section: PDF report.

A new area in your models configuration: PDF report.

You can change the logo, the header and footer information, the colours and, of course, the template of the PDF. The new template builder, accessible from the PDF template option, it's straightforward: you can take advantage of sections and fields to design how the final PDF report will look like. For example, look below how the template in the model configuration resembles the areas of its PDF report.

On the left: the PDF template; on the right: the final PDF.

By taking advantage of many sections (customer's data, report detail, users detail, items used, etc.), you can go deep in your customisation, and decide which fields to show for each row and how much space they should occupy. You can see an example of the Items used inner section (and how the final result looks) here below.

On the left: the "Items used" inner section of the PDF template; on the right: the same area in the final PDF.

You can add page breaks, blank row for spacing, headers... the look of your PDF reports is entirely up to you! Of course, if you don't feel much of an artist, you can still keep the default template.

Another cool feature of this new version of Scarlett allows you to define custom checkboxes to make available when using items in an activity. Common scenarios are: items that you rent, items that you give based on a warranty, etc. As always, you decide!

Finally, of course, we made sure to keep the user experience of Scarlett great, solving some minor issues and adding a few improvements here and there for you.

Enjoy customising your reports! If you have any feedback or ideas, we are glad to hear them! 🙌