Arthur: people at the heart

A fresh new release of Arthur is now generally available! Waiting for you there: new ways to manage the people of your business and the contacts of your subjects.

Starting with this release, Arthur opens up to a series of steps that will renew the world of relationships within the platform, focusing on a new essential entity: People.

People represent a new gateway to information as well as the junction point between the subjects and the registered activities.

All those situations in which transmitting knowledge or recovering pieces of information exchanged with a particular contact can really make a difference.

And it is only the beginning; through the interconnections between people and other entities, Arthur will open to a new way to navigate information, and the team can access a new knowledge base made of notes, ideas and insights previously hidden away and not shared.

Arthur has a clear vision on what's ahead: just be sure to follow the next updates!

Here's some other interesting improvement included in the releae:

  • Automatic relationships between people and subjects. 🔗
  • Another new entity: Contacts. 👥
  • You can insert an activity starting from a Contact. 🕴
  • A few bug-fixes and other improvements. 🐜

If you have new ideas for improving the service or something to report to us, we will be happy to have your feedback! 🙌