Horace: quick switch, solid improvements

A new version of Horace, the service that helps you track the time of your activities and projects!

In the previous months, we focused on improving the service's stability and reactivity – working under the hood. You surely noticed the change: Horace is faster than ever!

With the newest release, we redesigned the Quick Switch feature in the dashboard: now it's easier to recognise users and to hide long lists when needed.

In the dashboard, we also enriched the tracks summary view by adding a preview of their contents, so they are easier to recognise in case you work with similar activities.

In the following weeks, we'll be working on a few Business Intelligence elements to empower the homepage with some general statistics about your activities and their progress... stay tuned!

Enjoy Horace, and if you have fresh ideas to improve the service, we are glad to hear your feedback! 🙌