Vezzadini, case study: with Scarlett, you can speak many languages... even Green!

Guido Mazza

by Guido Mazza

Experience meets technology, embracing digitalisation and process innovation.

The starting point for significant synergies is always shared ideals. The great technical skills and the constant desire to innovate become the mantras of ITER IDEA and Vezzadini: the latter, a proudly Italian reality, has been a leading company for over 60 years in the field of packaging butter, margarine, goat cheese and robiola.

Logo and cover picture are courtesy of Vezzadini.

The collaboration with the Vezzadini family and Monica Annigoni, administrative chief, becomes for us a concrete testimony of how to bet on sustainability and environment —  thematics particularly close to Scarlett and her green campaigns — leads to an increase in competitiveness and quality of work.

The inventiveness and imagination of Vezzadini, Italian peculiarities, have been able to highlight the company on the global market, where the reliability and versatility of technically advanced products have made the most of the brand.

The constant research for optimization of the company's equipment has led Vezzadini to meet Scarlett; the technicians' squad uses the service to report their activities, regardless if they are working in Italy or abroad; apart from instant benefits on the team of professionals, Scarlett also improved many of the linked business dynamics.

Some direct advantages have been the digitalisation of customized models, and the ability to plan and schedule the work while supporting and supervising the team. Consequently, removing the superfluous use of paper copies of the interventions led Vezzadini to a significant reduction in its environmental impact.

The time-saving benefit is another crucial factor in Vezzadini's satisfaction: internal notes, technical details of the interventions, and the instant sharing of reports have become a relief for the bureaucracy of the company.

As Monica revealed to us, the technicians often need to carry out very long trips abroad, up to 20 or 30 days. Once, it was necessary to wait for paper reports when the technicians returned; today, thanks to Scarlett, the reports are instantly available. This significant improvement also relieves the administration of a substantial amount of work, saving the usual rush to meet monthly deadlines. In qualitative terms, the job's tasklist has clearly improved.

The enhancement does not stop there: the team is ready to raise the level of service offered to its international partners and the quality of the work of users abroad. The new Scarlett AI Translate functionality will allow for precise and enriched translations through specialized technical dictionaries, available in over 50 languages; all this by exploiting the tremendous opportunities offered by the cloud, by the most powerful artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms. Customers abroad will be able to enjoy an innovative experience, certifying the interventions of the technicians now available and understandable in their preferred language.

Stay tuned to find out how Scarlett can improve your work and that of your team. Join the many professionals, such as Vezzadini's team, who use Scarlett every day to digitize their work.