POInt&Go reaches Bilbao and its incredible community

Guido Mazza

by Guido Mazza

The attention paid to cities and smart communities is nowadays encouraged by the European objectives and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, with particular attention to issues such as a more sustainable and inclusive city.

To support public administrations and municipalities employed in achieving their targets and guiding strategies, scalable technologies, cloud-native applications and data processing take on a decisive weight. And this is where POInt&Go, a finalist for REACH Incubator, comes into play.

Our cities generate large amounts of data during everyday activities: from what tourists are more interested in, how citizens move and from the continuous monitoring via the sensors in smart cities. Therefore, a complex architecture of suppliers, users, infrastructures and administrations represents a perfect example of Data Value Chains (DVCs): information exchanged between entities and stakeholders generates social and economic value for the industries involved.

POInt&Go will soon begin to support public administrations and municipalities in collecting and displaying information from service providers to improve cooperation within the city. By simplifying the methods of sharing such data, we could monitor how users interact with services such as the cultural experiences offered to tourists or how citizens live the new shared and multimodal mobility models.

Interesting topics that we explored with the support of Dott, in the last Smart City Now 2022 in Milan on 21 June.

Vittorio Gattari (Dott) and Guido Mazza (ITER IDEA) at Smart City Now 2022

So let's find out how these themes are connected to our REACH project, returning to our journey into European smart communities.

Inside the Universidad de Deusto

Previously we discussed the beginning of the smart European communities in the French capital. The second and third stages will touch on an equally significant destination in the context of European innovation: the city of Bilbao. Bilbao is home to one of the continent's most prestigious universities, home to an inclusive Business School, namely Universidad de Deusto.
In addition to the university, it hosts attractions rich in cultural interest, such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Puppy (Guggenheim Bilbao)

In this suggestive scenario, an intensive week of technical and mentorship sessions took place. The workshops enabled us to deepen the requirements of the MVP proposal, which will be presented again in Bilbao in the final on 28-29 September.

During the intense week of priceless activities, we met stakeholders and data providers, such as the Spanish company Play&Go Experience.

The company specializes in developing applications powered with augmented reality capabilities, mainly focused on tourist destinations, encouraging the involvement of visitors.

Together we will find out how POInt&Go will support during upcoming events and in the testing phase on tourist and cultural attractions.

Spider (Guggenheim Bilbao)

Among the exciting workshops are those of the Valencian company ITI specializing in research and solutions in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The consultants have provided us with an overview of the tools available to generate value from the data processed by our platform.

It was, besides, truly enlightening to discover how IDEA Cloud technologies and cloud-native and serverless paradigms can be combined with the innovative offer of European research centres. For example, among the most surprising services, we find the Anonymizer, the result of decades of innovation in anonymising sensitive data currently adopted in hospitals and research centres in the health sector around the world.

Protecting sensitive data is invaluable for security and transparency in a Data Value Chain that makes sharing between different markets the central aspect of the business model.

On the other hand, in ITER IDEA, we find these topics more than actual in our projects and collaborations in Digital Health areas.

We conclude this week in Bilbao with a decidedly enriched baggage of cutting-edge technologies, municipalities ready to experiment and partners interested in the value of the proposal: strategic drivers for POInt&Go and the creation of a new ecosystem suitable for the needs of smart communities.