Digital health

We strongly believe in the value of technology and its contribution to the health sector. Developing intuitive, accessible, and safe solutions is central to improving the fruition of services used by many users.

For this purpose, we have been supporting partners engaged in mobile data collection in clinics throughout Italy for years. Their goal? Timely and completely paperless transmission of information relating to medical trials to the central organisation for safe archiving and subsequent processing.

Pain therapies and periodic training for the treatment of diabetes are the main fields of application of our solutions, areas in which the precision and clarity of the information provided to patients favour the correct use of the tools and the safety of the patients themselves.

Further, the spread of tools such as the Italian SPID (Public System of Digital Identity) to access Public Administration services represents one of the enabling factors for adopting Digital Health tools.

Scalable and secure cloud architectures combined with a mobile user experience help users of all ages to meet the new technological challenges. From here, thanks to partnerships with professionals and medical clinics, we are developing new apps that facilitate access to verified information from qualified personnel — at the expense of other not-competent channels and social media.

Bring the professionals closer to their patients.

In our mission of bringing professionals closer to their patients, there is no lack of collaborations in telemedicine and IoT (Internet of Things). One of our channels is the network of experts in the AWS Partner Network (APN)  with whom we work together and share projects and needs.

Investigating the role of technology to propose valuable solutions is perhaps our biggest drive. The use of cutting-edge products and services represents one of the means by which we achieve our goals; this is the case of Amazon Comprehend Medical, the artificial intelligence service that can be a powerful ally in revising medical documents. For example, the service can help to process data in real-time to create virtual assistants or chatbots. The results of the predictions help highlight biases, recognise patterns to speed up the clinical plan, and propose new therapies and treatment programs — always under the supervision of medical personnel.

The future of Healthcare is digital, and it is already here.