Collaboration and continuous improvement for a wholesome corporate culture

Matteo Carbone

by Matteo Carbone

Aside from the technological and technical components, among the daily challenges each team and company faces, there is undoubtedly the continuous research and consolidation of a climate of collaboration, serenity, and productivity.

The pursuit of continuous improvement is part of the Agile philosophy that in ITER IDEA we concretely embrace to ensure profitable growth, as a group and as individuals, professionally and personally. Before this, however, the consolidation of a civil environment (vs hostile environment) is a fundamental step. A civil environment is intended as a collaborative ecosystem characterized by serene and transparent communication, respect between open-minded individuals, a problem-solving mentality (vs "pointing fingers"), productive discussions, etc.

We had the pleasure of discussing these dynamics of interaction and teamwork a few days ago with a group of coordinators and leaders in the association scenario, in collaboration with Erasmus Student Network Italia.

In a speech part of an exciting webinar, I had the pleasure of illustrating

the values of ITER IDEA as a guiding element towards a civil and productive environment.
The values that characterize our corporate culture.

We focused on the importance of aligning and sharing objectives, roles and tasks, on the culture of accountability, on techniques to give and receive feedback effectively, on inclusiveness and open-mindedness, on retrospective and improvement paths. While analyzing our six values, we have highlighted how each of them leads us every day in effectively interpreting the different aspects of a transparent and productive collaborative climate, intending to make them the backbone of a healthy corporate culture.

How values aim at a civil and productive environment.

The session was stimulating and interactive. We were honoured to bring some of our experience in Agile methodologies and team management to young students and workers eager to move their first steps towards an undoubtedly promising career.

Session on some retrospective techniques.

We thank ESN Italia and their Skills and Employability team for the invitation and the general support that the association has provided us for our latest European project: Wonder Wanderlust Women.