Luigi, the super-app for a warehouse that evolves... vertically!

Guido Mazza

by Guido Mazza

Do you remember Mario?

Mario, our app whose mission is to optimize picking activities, was highlighted in the recent past for its support to ATK, which allowed the team to gain preparation times of real gold medal winners.

Today we have the chance to present you the next step our journey: the evolution of Mario into a new super-app, which aims to give you full control on most of the typical tasks you perform in your warehouse. Codename: Luigi!

In addition to managing the flow of outgoing goods handling, the warehouse operator has the ability to perform total or rotary inventories, check the availability of references, consult alternative items for commercial purposes, receive reports from colleagues in the back office, attach photos of the packaging to certify the condition of the goods and much more.

All of this, through a single account on your favourite mobile device, taking advantage in every situation of an optimal, functional and intuitive use.

The user experience represents a real challenge for WMS (Warehouse Management System) solutions which are required to convey a high number of functionalities

in an environment with a high turnover of personnel (such as that of warehouse workers), decreasing the learning curve of the tool represents a strategic factor that cannot be underestimated.

The increase in the competitiveness of our mobile solution is driven by the evolution of the partners with whom we work with on a daily basis, and on their needs.

This is again the case of ATK, which in response to new needs in terms of the reorganization of logistics spaces, has changed its layout by equipping automatic storage systems such as vertical warehouses.

In this logistics ecosystem optimization scenario, we had the opportunity to study the ways in which Luigi can be integrated with the new vertical storage systems, making them cooperate within the picking processes.

Luigi and vertical storage systems: how and when?

The synergy between Luigi and vertical storage systems gives its best when the outgoing goods are not stored entirely inside the movable trays, but rather an external and dynamic preparation area is maintained. In this configuration, the preparation lists are sent simultaneously in the app and in the centralized system.

Operators can check the lists directly on their terminal, where the app will indicate the suggested source for finding each reference, quickly differentiating the codes available externally from those that require to be gathered via the on-board computer.

Here's Luigi, monitoring the packages about to leave the vertical support system

The requested material is received at the work bay where it can be quickly scanned, activating automatic controls for partial evasions and any programmed automatisms. In the end, the list can be completed in the app, where it is possible to certify the preparation with attachments and photos, to picture the external appearance of the packages and to print the packing list.

By synchronizing the preparations with the ERP system, it is finally possible to generate the shipping documentation and send the new inventory to the central system of the high-bay warehouse, to manage any misalignments.

Do you want to know more about Luigi and its cooperation with storage systems? Contact us!