Congratulations! You have completed your tasks

Yet another release of Arthur is now available: innovative new features will help you to better organize your team activities!

We believe that teamwork and information sharing are key to a team's success; for this reason, we equipped users with a new way to exchange communications and tasks between team members. Tasks can be personal or may involve multiple users and they are shared through push notifications which are sent directly to the devices concerned.

Tasks represent the ideal tool for rapid communications that require an overview of the progress.

Unlike emails, a task is directly integrated with the ERM system. From the main page, each user has the possibility to check their active tasks and complete or archive communications.

We are sure of it:

you will love your new list and no longer having to search through the endless email inbox.
The new task list in the dashboard.

We also introduced two unique entities: Campaigns and Projects. These are specifically designed to group team activities, for enriching statistics and to extend the research possibilities. In fact, campaigns and projects make it possible to answer questions such as: "Which customers are active on the Arthur 2020 campaign?", "How many activities were carried out on the Logistics project for the customer XYZ?", etc. All of this, by taking advantage of the typical flexibility of Arthur's entities.

But it's not over yet! In this version you will find several other improvements

  • Inhibit the manipulation of activities after a certain number of days. 🔏
  • Customise group display options on entity tabs. 👁
  • Disable a visibility group which is not used anymore. 🚫
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements. 🐜

If you have new ideas for improving the service or something to report to us, we will be happy to have your feedback! 🙌