Scarlett AI Translate

New release of Scarlett, the service that helps you managing your activities and their reports!

Introducing: Scarlett AI Translate, the new powerful feature that allows you to automatically translate your reports in other languages, thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms powered by the Amazon Web Services. If you performed some activity for a foreign customer, you don't need to know the native language to submit your report: Scarlett AI Translate will do it for you... magical!

Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 11 13 48
The report filled in the original language.
======== Scarlett AI Translate ========>
Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 11 16 34
The PDF automatically translated in the customer's language.

That's not all! Here's what the new release brings you:

  • A much better offline experience, to continue working on your reports even when you're not connected! ✈️
  • You can now sign the reports while you're offline! ✏️
  • We improved how we manage the activities which span on more days. 📅
  • Many various bug-fixes! 🐞
  • The physical back-button on Android understands when you want to close the app. 🔙

If you have fresh ideas to improve the service or something to report to us, we are glad to hear your feedback! 🙌