Scarlett: workflow

A new release of Scarlett, the service that helps you managing your activities and their reports!

The way you work determines your team's productivity. There are many approaches to getting things done, but we are all looking for the quickest and more efficient so that we can better focus on reaching our goals. Following this state of mind, we added a new workflow logic to Scarlett, that aims to help you keeping control over your team's activities.

Future activities are always shown in the agenda, so you know when/what is coming next. Past activities, though, could be a little trickier to monitor, and it's easy to forget some crucial steps while focusing on our daily routines. Take advantage of the widget on the homepage (and in the archive) to know what you have to do to for each unfinished activity, so you can quickly get it done!

A simple but effective widget, explaining where your activities are in the workflow.

By tapping over a specific state of the workflow, you will navigate to the detailed list of contained activities. That simple! You can also configure the workflow (team's page) to tailor it to your needs.

Highlighting the list of activities to complete.

Furthermore, we analysed how users create their activities, and we realised sometimes it's useful to be able to insert new entities (such as customers, destinations and contacts) when creating an activity. In this way, if you need to refer to a customer that doesn't exist yet in your database, you don't have to navigate to other pages to add it, keeping your flow smooth and fast.

Create a new customer on the fly (if you have the requested permissions).

In the same way, when a customer is created, we now propose you to automatically add its first destination, saving other precious seconds.

The default destination for a customer is automatically created, if you want.

Next, it can happen you don't remember exactly where a customer of yours is. To give you a visual glimpse, we added some useful map widgets (powered by Google Maps), so you always know where you need to go next or where are your customers and their offices.

Your customer's offices, at a glance.

Since Scarlett's audience is growing, we also refreshed the introductive page of the service, which is beautiful as never before! Take a look to know more about Scarlett and what it can do for your business.

Discover Scarlett through the new introduction page!

Finally, all the other features we crafted for you in this release:

  • We added a demo environment for newcomers! 🆕
  • We improved the PDF reports. 📃
  • We improved the help messages of every page. 💬
  • New options in models and team configuration. 🎛
  • Minor bug-fixes. 🐜

Enjoy Scarlett! And, if you have any feedback or ideas, we are glad to hear them! 🙌