Huh!? A one-day programming marathon

Matteo Carbone

by Matteo Carbone

We definitely love what we do.

Designing cool cloud services, it's not only our job: it's our passion. Sometimes, during weekends we like to experiment with something new and challenge our skills. A few weeks ago, we decided to have a one-day programming marathon to improve one of our processes. Wait; let's take a step back.

Our services born multilingual: we cherish the idea of having our products available to anyone in the world who needs some good piece of technology to improve their daily work. Therefore, we always release our projects with at least two languages available: Italian, our mother tongue, and English. Some projects have even up to five languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German; this is the case of Papaya.

No, we are not as polyglot as Scarlett,

but – luckily – we have many friends and colleagues around the world willing to help us in our mission of sparking innovation to the many companies who dream big.

Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

In this process of remote aided-translation, we usually had to exchange several files containing the different sentences and words used in our products. It was neither handy nor user-friendly. Of course, there are platforms out there that offer support towards this objectives, but we didn't find any affordable solution which suited our interests (and our liking).

Flash-forward: we decided to build our own during a Saturday.

It was a beautiful and challenging day/night of work which originated... Huh!? – the translation tool.

The icon of Huh!?: a confused monkey who can't understand foreign languages.
The simple homepage of Huh!?

The features are basic: we can create new projects, set up new languages, load the sentences in the original language and give different users the possibility to add and review the missing translation. All of this in a process that highlights what changed from version to version and how much work is left.

On the left the original sentences, on the right the areas to translate. Easy peasy.

It is not, obviously, a product ready to be put on the market. Still, we like the idea of having crafted the source code, the icon, the responsive user interface and its highly scalable and cheap cloud structure in this one-day-programming marathon: basically, the whole package.

The responsive User Interface on smaller devices.

In the last weeks, we had the chance to use it in our daily work, and we are indeed satisfied with the experience. Who knows, maybe one day Huh!? will become something more than a side-project. Till then... was fun! 💡