The eight pillars of the most innovative companies

Matteo Carbone

by Matteo Carbone

In a recent article of the magazine Forbes, Peter Hinnsen listed the eight pillars of the most innovative companies. Keep reading if you are curious to know if your company is operating within these parameters or how we can support you doing it!

The first two, Social Media and Multichannel Marketing, are essential in the era of sharing, connection and communication. The new generations (and by now also the old ones) feel natural to search for information, entertainment and distractions in the social platforms and, more in general, in the network. At the same time, this influx of different communication channels forces companies to be present with their brands on various platforms, that are becoming each day more personal and direct.

The remaining six pillars affect us directly because they represent everything that we are investing in and that we know to be vital for any company that wants to surf the innovation wave directed to the future.

Mobile: smartphones are nowadays our interface to the world and our primary source of information: who would ever dream of leaving home in the morning without our mobile device? Statistics speak clearly: since 2016, mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage. Hence, it's essential to have internal company tools available on the move and running over devices with small displays. Accessing corporate servers over desktops is no longer an acceptable possibility. Not by chance, all IDEA's apps and services have mobile-first experiences, with user interfaces that adapt based on the size of the devices.

Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in 2016
Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in 2016

Platforms: it's where we share information with our networks (e.g. Facebook); they are becoming a standard of our private lives. So, why not transpose this perspective inside the company culture? Sharing information is today an essential element in the puzzle of the productivity of any team. We strongly believe in it, and that's why we build our services with a particular focus on teamwork and collaborative features.

Cloud: the most innovative companies know that the classic corporate server represents a milestone of a long time past. The Cloud overtakes the previous approach by power and flexibility, and besides, it's more affordable and secure. Luckily, it's not a privilege for few: not only the "big companies" but anyone can take advantage of the cloud computing possibilities; our mission is built upon this concept: "We build affordable yet powerful cloud services which innovate businesses, regardless of their size, nature or location".

Agile: until a few years ago, it was a small independent movement, but now has taken over in the way we organize any complex project. Agile, Kanban, Scrum: terms that got in the universal dictionary of any innovative entrepreneur; they understood how to achieve more results in less time, taking advantage of these new organizational strategies and tricks.

Big Data: we are surrounded by data; any device generates new information (also the fridge) and to interpret these data, finding relations with information generated by the company's processes and tools (like the time we spend on our different activities), allow us to be a step ahead of the competition.

API: if your services rely on ODBC connections and FTP data transfers, it could be the time to modernize your technological platforms. The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) represent the future of data exchange because thanks to their flexibility allow (completely) different services to interact with each other. We use this technology in our products to integrate them with any ERP or corporate software whatsoever; from this new interaction, all the company processes are improved, with perceivable savings of time and costs.

The Jetsons meet the Flintstones
Flintstones or Jetsons?

And you? Do you already take advantage of IT services built upon these pillars?
If you are still in between Fred Flintstone and George Jetson and you are looking for a guide to leap towards innovation, we are here for you! 💡